Domain Age as a SEO Factor

代煮免费ripn米(注ripn免费域 名)Domain Registration Date:

Per Google’s patent(s), the Age of a Domains Registration is a factor.  However, the value of such is, like all other factors, open to speculation. More important is for how long the Domain Name is currently registered. A longer term serves to demonstrate an intent to commit to remaining active further into the future than does a shorter term. Microsoft weighed in on this with their patent regarding Ranking Domains Using Domain Maturity

What helps most is having static content on the domain which in turn helps that domain build trust. Having a holding page on the domain brings some benefit but it is the attachment of that domain to a topic and the relation of that domain with the age of the content that helps.

If you buy and old domain and completely change the content of that domain, you have to build up trust again. However if the old domain has trusted links coming into it and a decent PR then it can be beneficial.

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