Googles New SEO Ranking Factor Android App Indexing


New SEO Ranking Indicator
Android 4.4 KitKat has a new feature called App Indexing that should get the SEO industry hopping and Android app developers into the world of organic search. Google has developed a way to deep-link to the contents of an app from within a user’s Google search results with a feature it has labeled App Indexing. Ranking a website is completely different than ranking for an app as already shown in the Apple iTunes store which was the old way to gain visibility.

Application Indexing
When using Google Search app you look for information the movie Gravity. You already have the IMDb app installed on your Android, while you search you’ll be given an info card with results stream including an “Open in app” button. Click through and IMDb app will direct you to its Gravity listing.

There are a host of companies already supporting this new feature including Allthecooks, AllTrails, Beautylish, Etsy, Expedia, Flixster, Healthtap, IMDb, Moviefone, Newegg, OpenTable, and Trulia.

Google adds another hook in the mobile experience
Android 4.4 KitKat helps bring a more advanced feature set to the Nexus hardware. In this instance the Google Search app is going deeper than ever before into user behaviors linked into others application. Google is testing the embedded search feature, but the updated cards that will display that information won’t be in the wild till midNovember.