Everything You Know About Link Farms is Wrong

FFA and Link Farms

FFA sites (Free For All) are web pages that include a link to the website you just point free. But it has two drawbacks:

1) Usually you have to register or provide personal information. Many of these sites sell the email addresses to companies that then spam your inbox.

2) Google is penalizing these FFA sites and links from them are not taken into account. In addition, there are often hundreds of links per page, and Google does not usually consider pages with more than 100 links.

link_farm_web_ringMoreover, the ‘link farms’ (link farms) are usually created by businesses to sell links from their websites. Google usually detected and penalized, as these pages have little content and lots of links to other websites artificially trying to boost their rankings.

A website that has some content, but that his goal is not to communicate but to create links to other pages to promote them in search engines. It’s called a “link farm” because it merely serves to create links to other sites and expand its page rank.

The pagerank (PR) is a system that Google uses to measure the importance of a page. The Google PageRank and Google PageRank assigns a value between 0 and 10 to each page, the higher this value, the more important the page.
To assign this value, Google developed an algorithm, which has shifted over time, based on incoming links (backlinks) to a site. It is like a voting system where each site linking to yours is giving you a vote. The higher the pagerank of the site that links you, then more “weight” has the vote. The more sites linking you more votes you have and the higher the value of the Google pagerank of your site.

It is important to note that not all incoming links (backlinks) are taken into account by Google, especially those from sites devoted exclusively to put links, such as call link farms or link farms (link farms), or web rings ( webrings).
Google is aware that nobody can control inbound links (backlinks) pointing to a site, but it is possible to control the outgoing links (outlinks). That’s why if from penalized sites put links to your site, your pagerank will not be injured, but if you get a link to sites that have been penalized pagerank then you can see it hurt.

There are basically two types of penalty, the one where Google penalized with the loss of some points in the value of pagerank and another penalty, which is much more severe, which is punishable by the complete loss of pagerank. Among the causes of the penalty may be selling links, placing links to sites that perform outbound SPAM, or considered “dangerous neighborhoods.

How to tell if a site has received the maximum penalty? Usually when a site has a pagerank of 0, is one of two reasons, the site is new (often sites with less than 3 months) or the site has been penalized.

It is also important not to confuse the pagerank bar gray with white. One page has a pagerank of 0 when the bar is completely white, however, sometimes appears gray bar, which indicates that Google still has not assigned a value of pagerank for that page.

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