Business intelligence will become more visual, mobile, and social predictions for 2014


For 2014 the following areas will see growth and continued focus by CMO’s and CFO’s alike

Social Media:

  • Showing ROI of social media initiatives and overall halo effect of efforts on other channels
  • Integrating social media interactions online and with call centers in a seamless CRM manner
  • Transforming company hierarchies to address social media channels and user-generated content
  • Generating enough quality content for consistent storytelling will continue to plague most organizations



  • What to develop first the App or Website and the strategic plan moving forward for mobile
  • BYOD security and separating personal vs work data
  • Users are more likely to ask a question into a mobile device than type in keywords and Google is now prepared to deliver those answers
  • Mobile transactions and the mobile wallet will become ubiquitous

Business Intelligence Visualization:

  • Infonomics, information design and leveraging visualization techniques will blossom, helping decision making
  • Adding sensor data to¬†identify which visualization technique will drive the most impact under a variety of scenarios
  • Significant investment will be made around¬†BI environments and established ETL practices

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