Banned By Google? How to tell if Google penalized you

google-bannedAlthough, as a rule, I do not practice “blackhat”, sometimes we have doubts about whether Google has penalized a site. Especially when we are expecting the index to be included in any new website just launched. Google usually takes a few days to index a new URL (in fact, this may take several weeks), time can be reduced considerably if some (or a few) pages properly indexed and linked to other sites. We appreciate also that the PR (Page Rank) of the page is 0 (zero), meaning that Google has valued, but assigned a value of zero to start.

This is different that it was not yet given a value, indicating that the page was not included in the index yet. It could also happen that, having a PR 6, all of a sudden we went down to 4 or 3 … but that we will consider “adjustment” rather than a penalty.

In the network there are several tools to know if we are “banned” by the browser, as Cuwhois or In both cases we get two possible outcomes:

a) No results found … The domain name has no PageRank value, it is LIKELY to be banned. Indicating that “could be” that the domain was penalized.

b) The domain name DOES NOT appear to be banned. This indicates that the domain is not penalized.

In both cases the base is used as Google’s SITE command. To execute, type (from within the browser window) site: If no results are returned you may not yet beĀ  indexed or, unfortunately, are penalized.

For example site: has indexed pages for the Web. If not, there may be some penalty on it.

And there is the tool that provides the proper form to review the status of any website. Of course, what best to use the webmaster tools that Google provides, we will find all necessary information to improve our visibility into their “spiders”.

Well, we are penalized by Google. What do we do? After correcting what penalty has occurred, the following is contact Google via this form, choosing the options “I’ma webmaster inquiring about my website”> “Why my site disappeared from the search results or dropped in ranking “and typing” re-inclusion Request “in the subject (Subject) of the message.

This message should (politely) apologize for what happened, explain what happened (perhaps someone has advised you wrong), convincing them that will not happen again (for example, citing some corrective actions you have taken) and, logically ask that you get re-index on Google.

Please note that under no obligation to answer or not to reinstate your pages, so do not be surprised if your website does not return to its index. And if after a certain time (2-4 weeks) you have not received a reply from Google, you should write again.

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