5 Must Have Mobile Strategies for 2014

Programmatic thinking

Programmatic advertising enables brands to pinpoint audiences and deliver the right message, at the right time, in the right place. As a result, media wastage is significantly reduced, buying efficiency improved and overall campaign effectiveness boosted.

An in-store offer from a beacon

In order for consumers to accept beacon technology, retailers need to promote the anticipated value. Delivering relevant offers and creating a fun and engaging shopping experience are two ways merchants can deliver this value.

Smarter testing

Rapid test creation,  real-time analytics for test automation, multi-touch, gesture-based applications where you can capture and play back all gestures, actionable intelligence using real user monitoring (RUM) to collect and aggregate performance and engagement metrics that you care about most.
Better in-store experiences

Smartphones are changing the retail landscape. They help us research, compare, and purchase products not just online, but also in stores. In fact, 84% of smartphone shoppers use their phones while in a physical store.
Social video

The conversation between people! Creating content for users by users that connected with consumers by pushing brand messages in organic, relatable ways that hits emotional notes.

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